Optimized solution on the Hecochain platform

The rise of Fintech offerings in a marketplace banking model is based on an ecosystem of aggregated products and services sharing similar values presented to a customer to address a banking customer’s specific needs


What is COZEN?

Today, high-speed, quality and reliable Internet access plays a very important role, affecting from ordinary users to agencies, organizations or, more recently, digital businesses. COZEN’s mission is to be the trusted infrastructure of the entire internet. Using blockchain technology replaces anonymous star ratings, reviews and scores into the de facto mechanism of trust in our digital lives.

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“In a networked world, trust is the most important currency.”

-Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

Cozen optimized solution

COZEN provides trust solutions to increase conversions for many industries, increase transparency , business rating review , peer-to-peer marketplaces, and more.

Why we choose Hecochain platform for development?

Huobi Global announced Huobi ECO chain on December 10 in an effort to support the efficient development of flexible, decentralized applications. The project is the first EVM-compatible public chain infrastructure of the Huobi Open Platform. As a decentralized, energy-saving platform, HECO was purpose-designed to support high-performance transactions and is compatible with smart contracts. HECO’s native token is HT, which uses the Huobi proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

How to claim COZ token ?

The airdrop reward has increasingly limited. Simultaneously, there are participants according to the present time.

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 * Note: Please connect the HRC20 wallet address and reload the page to check the Airdrop reward .

Where to Buy COZ (HRC20) Token


  • Wallets support : Huobi wallet,Metamask,Mathwallet
  • RPC URL : https://http-mainnet.hecochain.com
  • ChainID : 128
  • Symbol : HT
  • Block Explorer : https://hecoinfo.com
  •  Presale type : Public
  •  Minium buy : 2 HT - 50 HT [ Min 20$- Max 500$ ]
  • Presale price : 1 HT = 500 COZ [~0.02$]
  • Pre-sale quantity : 50.000.000 COZ
  • Soft Cap : 100.000 HT


* You want to buy Coz ​​but don’t have HT yet ?

You get 25% commission